Olga’s work is deeply informed by her background in installation art and set design. Her art evokes spaces existing just beyond the 5 senses, alchemical landscapes of magic and possibility. Her commercial work is infused with the same seeds. She strives to create poetry in space and form. Pulling inspiration from a tapestry of art references, Olga weaves opposing elements into unusual juxtapositions. She works confidently across the design spectrum from concept to shoot, designing spaces for events, consulting brands for visual reboots, styling catalogs, editorial, and advertising. Her design work includes restaurants, showrooms, pop-ups and her two apartments both of which have been featured editorially. 

Olga holds an MA in Installation Art from Central St. Martins in London, a postgraduate degree in Set Design from Motley in London and a BA in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University. She was born in the USSR and lives in Brooklyn with her partner and two children.